People and their needs are at the center stage of the system design.

Sustainable drive systems and autonomous driving are the game changers for transportation on the road. Cost-efficient, small-scale production will allow customized vehicle design to completely match the required functions. Digitalization allows the efficient use of the new vehicle species and leverages the full potential of the modern transportation system. But the total cost of operations and dependability will remain basic must-be-factors. Furthermore, vehicles and all other modes of transport are completely connected, to increase safety and efficiency.


Mobility Solutions

 Which solution fits best with your requirements? Together with you, we specify the best mobility solution. Based on certified technologies, we realize future-proof transportation systems and taking you on the way to what is and will be possible with autonomous driving vehicles.  Continuous learning improves the system day by day.

Management System

In the right place at the right time. For every player to know what to do, everything has to be perfectly coordinated. With our software platform, we can control and coordinate even huge fleets of autonomous vehicles to ensure and optimize the perfect flow and performance of your mobility solution.

Customized Vehicles

We design and build the vehicle which best fits your requirements. Let it be a one-seater, a shuttle with more capacity or a new vehicle species we ensure passenger acceptance, sustainability, and transport efficiency. In the end, our pursuit of excellence is to realize a modular transportation platform for your autonomous driving application.



We provide first- & last-mile solutions for closing the gap to the mainline and ensuring the necessary mobility for everyone in the rural area.


Our solution makes neighborhoods more attractive with a sustainable and automated transport approach.


We extend the existing public transport with cost-effective and attractive mobility on-demand solutions to ensure a reliable and attractive transport-as-a-service.


Mobility System

  • Mobility System Design
  • Overall Transport Optimization – System Modeling and Simulation
  • Micro Mobility / First-Last-Mile Concepts
  • Platform Integration
  • Business Case & TCO Analysis

Vehicle System Enablement

  • Automated Simulation & Testing
  • Vehicle Interior & Exterior Design
  • Prototype & Certification
  • Concept & Full Vehicle Development
  • Autonomous Driving Stack Integration  & Vehicle Safety System


ILO Mobility is located close to the leading German Automotive Industry in Baden-Württemberg.
Here you will find us and our ideas. Here is the place where everything is created.

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Ilo Mobility GmbH

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